Coroner Noguchi - Grand Jury Testimony


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movies: Brush fire on PORTOLA DRIVE NOW. Jays house is on EASTON the next street over and EASTON is covered in thick smoke. Jays house will be smoke damaged for sure !!!! Jun 12, 2018 17:59:59 GMT -5 *
movies: No damage to Jays house. All is good. I saw Jays house off an on from live news feed. Jun 13, 2018 3:50:31 GMT -5
movies: F.Y.I. I looked up the registration on the current house at 10066 Cielo Dr. Its registered as a single family home, 7 bedrooms and 12 baths at 16,323 square feet. Total property tax per year is $109,900.44 Jun 13, 2018 3:59:55 GMT -5 *
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