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maudes harold: Thanks Christine and Vickie!! Getting older has upsides and downsides. I'll take the upsides. Jun 19, 2020 0:18:49 GMT -5
maudes harold: Coldwater, the streets are clear, for now at least!! lolol Jun 19, 2020 0:25:17 GMT -5
Pappy: Remembering Jim Morrison today..... Jul 3, 2020 13:45:48 GMT -5
Christine: time flies pappy Jul 4, 2020 21:36:27 GMT -5
paulhart: Hi Coldwater. I also heard about the attack on Manson by Mike Deasy with a pitchfork at Spahn's Ranch. Can you tell me where you heard about that incident? I'm trying to track down the original source. Was it Deasy himself? Was it in a book? Thanks, Paul Jul 16, 2020 8:12:22 GMT -5
Christine: Thanks everyone for sharing and supporting our site. 6 years flies along. Jul 26, 2020 15:43:40 GMT -5
swennync: Leslie Van Houten okayed for Parole again. What will Gavin Blewsome do? Jul 26, 2020 19:10:38 GMT -5
Pappy: How dare you rag on my beloved Gov. Newsolini...... Jul 26, 2020 20:44:34 GMT -5
maudes harold: Gruesome Newsom will re-open his winery and extend the hours:Ubers available for your "Not In My Backyard" ride home!!
Jul 26, 2020 21:13:01 GMT -5 *
maudes harold: Props to Lt. Daniel McWilliam, firefighter and flag bearer during 9/11. We remember. Jul 26, 2020 21:13:45 GMT -5 *
maudes harold: It's been 6 years??? DAMN.... Jul 26, 2020 21:29:40 GMT -5
2RGJ: Hello and good morning - or afternoon - to you all. My first posting on here...thanks for having me! Jul 27, 2020 7:56:37 GMT -5
imalreadydead: Newsolini...LOL. Looks like we do agree on a few things after all. Jul 27, 2020 10:46:29 GMT -5
swennync: 2RGJ- Aloha, Brah. Welcome. Jul 29, 2020 15:33:59 GMT -5
2RGJ: @ swennync: Thanks...looking forward to contributing, but feel a bit of a novice when looking through this site! Jul 29, 2020 17:00:43 GMT -5
swennync: 2RGJ- So did I Brah. Don't sweat it, though. There's alot of cool people here. And it's become clear to me that when it comes to this case, there is no clearcut "Correct" or "Incorrect". Dive on in. Jul 29, 2020 17:11:58 GMT -5
movies: Jay Sebring : Cutting to the Truth, due out in Sept. 22, 2020 Aug 4, 2020 5:17:58 GMT -5
movies: are there any estate/ probate documents for jay sebring? Aug 4, 2020 5:43:23 GMT -5
vickie: I wanted to use this opportunity to share with you guys how sad this date makes me! However, we can celebrate the wonderful lives each one shared. Their memories live on in our hearts and minds. May each victim rest on in perfect peace. Take care everyone. Aug 8, 2020 21:10:37 GMT -5
swennync: 51 years ago today. Aug 9, 2020 3:53:04 GMT -5