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January 24 - Sharon Tate's birthday


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dbou: Monica VITTI died yesterday, at 90. She was in the CANNES festival jury in 1968. With POLANSKI. Sharon was also around. Pages turn... Feb 3, 2022 17:04:15 GMT -5
Christine: Happy Birthday, dear Prudence xxx Feb 6, 2022 16:19:56 GMT -5
rshep: Hello all!! I hope everybody's doing well. Feb 23, 2022 14:39:22 GMT -5 *
starviego: After the Tate murders, Patricia Krenwinkle reportedly expressed misgivings to Charlie, who responded "Don't worry, the police can't touch us" or words to that effect. Does anybody have a source for this? Mar 4, 2022 15:35:23 GMT -5
zlr694: I don't know why but I am intrigued and fascinated by these events. I was just now reading about the Doreen Gaul/James Sharp connection to Bruce Davis in Manson Behind The Scenes by Bill Nelson so I started doing may own research online and it lead me here Mar 20, 2022 17:50:25 GMT -5
zlr694: I forgot I've been here before, I enjoy reading all of your comments and theories on this topic. I've read roughly 13-14 books on this topic and have about 10 more books to read yet. I keep finding more material to study. Thank you all for your insights. Mar 20, 2022 17:53:27 GMT -5
starviego: Welcome. Mar 22, 2022 0:15:38 GMT -5
Christine: Sad day, RIP Taylor Hawkins. Mar 26, 2022 15:25:24 GMT -5
sophiesperspective: Daily Mail uploaded new photographs of Sharon. Disgusting excuse of a title, but new content is new content, so... Apr 5, 2022 12:40:19 GMT -5
starviego: I am currently trying to wade through the morass of trying to figure my IRS tax. Pray for me. Apr 13, 2022 12:26:54 GMT -5 *
Pappy: Just do what I did. I drank several glasses of wine while doing my taxes. Turns out I’m getting $7 Million dollars back… Apr 14, 2022 7:52:00 GMT -5
starviego: LOL! Apr 14, 2022 11:31:04 GMT -5
Christine: Happy Birthday, Maudes. My original partner in crime, has been here since the start, my evil twin, my confidant, best wishes on your birthday. xxx May 6, 2022 12:02:41 GMT -5
pspcindy: Happy Birthday maudes harold!! Beautiful day here. Hope where you are is also. May 7, 2022 8:49:48 GMT -5
maudes harold: Thanks for the bday wishes Christine and pspcindy!! Another year older but still chasing the Wisdom... May 23, 2022 20:44:19 GMT -5
maudes harold: Patricia Krenwinkle recommended parole for the first time. May 28, 2022 0:24:47 GMT -5
starviego: Mark Ross, aka 'Aesop Aquarian,' has reportedly died. May 28, 2022 22:18:32 GMT -5
swennync: Anybody else hearing anything about Krenwinkle having Cancer? Jun 8, 2022 15:11:46 GMT -5
starviego: I have heard that too. Jun 9, 2022 22:26:26 GMT -5
starviego: Here's a pretty good essay, from last year: love-it-loud.co.uk/cease-to-exist-charles-manson-the-beach-boys-and-the-death-of-the-sixties/#comments Jun 27, 2022 13:17:27 GMT -5